Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Camp Joseph

This is what camping in South Royalton, Vermont looks like.

Alongside families from church, we camped overnight in tents. Yes, I said tents. We're serious business when it comes to camping, though is it considered cheating to sleep on an air mattress?

I stayed up until almost 1 a.m. talking with new friends. It was like being a teenager again--almost. When I decided to head back to my tent, I discovered my little sleeping family: the spoiled rotten Indy princess all snuggled up within the rescuing arms of her daddy, while the Huckleberry boy slept soundly in a sleeping bag fit for an Arctic winter. (It got pretty cold that night!) And like so many of the families of younger children, we didn't get a whole lot of shut-eye. You don't want to hear what comes out of the lungs of that baby girl in the middle of the night. Since when was sleeping such an essential part of camping?

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I love camping and I really love the beautiful, mountainous hillsides of Royalton/Sharon, Vermont. When I see that little boy of mine running down the dew-kissed grassy hills, arms stretched wide like wings, I can't help but think of Lucy Mack Smith's boys doing about the same thing.