Monday, November 5, 2012


  • My children's disobedience to Daylight Savings nearly killed me. Why didn't I unscrew the lightbulb in their bedroom and lock them inside? Maybe I should have used duck tape to strap them into bed.
  • It is no longer effective to say, "Don't get out of bed until the sun is up." Naughty children. Especially that not-so-sweet Indy punk who has a way of persuading her brother how to disobey authority.
  • I wish I could survive off 4 hours of sleep or less. Alas, it is not so. 

  • If no miracle occurs tomorrow on election night, at least I witnessed one tonight at dinner when Finn the Finicky Food Eater declared, "Good job, Mom," after gingerly tasting a bite from his plate. One experimental spoonful turned into two, and so on...[silent fist bump from me].
  • I still can't get used to Peyton Manning wearing an orange jersey. It's so wrong. Soooo wrong. And to think that I didn't care one iota about NFL football.
  • I like the name Peyton. On the list.
  • Boy still hasn't gotten rid of our Indianapolis Colts decal on our car window. Call it love. I've been waiting for some die-hard Patriots fan to blow up our car.
  • As for blowing up cars, I recently forgot to turn my engine off when I filled my gas tank. No, we didn't blow up, but the thought crossed my mind.  

  • I'm relishing rare naps with my Indy girl. Her fuzzy golden hair tickles my chin and her warm skin still smells of Heaven. She reminds me that she's no longer a baby, but it's in that moment that it feels right to be sending her off to grow up while I prepare for another baby. 
  • I wish that somebody would put Halloween candy out of my reach. Sometimes having to be a responsible adult really bites.
  • I am a Neti Pot convert. Overcome your stubborn fears like I did, and breathe happily. 
  • I love it when Boy comes home with a paper bag from Panera: hot cheddar and broccoli soup in a sourdough bread bowl.

  • Eating ice cream outside during this time of year qualifies us for some kind of prize. When it comes to ice cream, we are no wimps.
  • What's better than ice cream? Homemade smoothies. And smoothie mustaches.
  • We drink so much apple cider a week that we think it's starting to replace the blood in our veins. 


Which cider is better: Vermont or New Hampshire?

It all tastes the same.

For the record, local tastes best. Grocery store imported brands taste rotten.