Sunday, May 13, 2012

On Being a Mother

[source via pinterest]

I am a full-time, stay-at-home mother to a three-year-old and a twenty-month-old. Is it possible that I've signed up for the easiest possible gig in the world? Well, gee golly--thank my lucky stars, I chose wisely because I have yet to work a day in my life. 

My home is a Utopian paradise. I wake up each morning discovering that my army of cleaning fairies have left every room spic and span. All grocery shopping is conveniently delivered by owl post. Home organization and meal planning comes through osmosis. And just so that I don't break a sweat over teaching and disciplining matters, the lovely Mary Poppins drops in for the afternoon setting everything right. I lay my head upon my pillow at night never worrying my pretty little face about a single thing. Success is so easy to achieve in my world. I don't know why I went to school all those years, because I don't use any of it!

"Get a job and be paid a salary? No way!
"Sacrifice my time and my whole existence to love, nurture, and teach little humans? Doesn't that scream antifeminism to you?

I tell you, one of best perks in my life is cashing in on my sick day. I simply call in sick, and my two little bosses oblige. My toddlers--who, by the way, have superb immunity systems--will drive to the pharmacy for me, tuck me into bed, fix me some warm broth, and let me sleep for as long as I darn well please. And those vacation days? Don't get me started. Being with my children 24-7 is already a vacation. 



Sarcasm aside, happy Mother's Day to mothers everywhere. No one type of mother has it hardest. Should we really be putting each other down about this anyway? There may be critics who scorn you for staying at home, or for working outside the home, or for not homeschooling your kids, or for breastfeeding too long, or for not breastfeeding at all, or for being a single mother, or for having too many kids, or for not having enough--despite what the world thinks, be proud that you are called Mother. 

Highest honor of my life. 

"Motherhood is near to divinity. It is the highest, holiest service to be assumed by mankind."
--Howard W. Hunter