Monday, May 14, 2012

Martha's Vineyard--Part One

With our bags packed for a full five days away from our little ones, I sat in the car sighing in relief that vacation time had officially begun.

I then felt tingling at the the tip of my nose and--almost immediately--it trickled up to my eyeballs. Before the car even left our neighborhood, a fresh coat of mascara had already dribbled its way down my cheeks.

"They're in good hands," Boy assured me. I nodded. My parents had flown across the country in order to watch our precious cargo named Huckleberry Finn and Little Miss Indy.

"I know!" I blubbered. "I don't know why I'm crying. I'm not worried at all."

"We need this time together."

"I know!" Oh, the irony.

I sat there dabbing my eyes and trying not to hyperventilate. The longest I had been apart from my kids were a few hours on date night. Correction: It was a little over 24 hours when I was apart from Finn when Boy and I took separate flights to visit family out in Utah. As for Indy, she and I have been inseparable. Since the day Boy was able to schedule time off, I was counting down the days to freedom. Three years can be a long time without having some quality time away.

"They will be fine, and I know they won't notice I'm gone, but just how will I do without them?"


Highlights of Day One:


*Stopping into Nashua to buy Boy new swim trunks. And a little bit of clearance rack shopping for me.

*Rain. Rain. Rain. (Not an ideal way to begin vacation.)

*Thinking about why we couldn't have had the beautiful sunshine that lasted throughout the previous week.

*Being in the town of Plymouth, the legendary Plymouth Rock, and Mayflower II.

*Approaching the Cape and passing by the most adorable 18th century homes.

*Reaching Falmouth and discovering the best bagel sandwich I'd ever tasted: Cape Cod Bagel Co.

*Having sea sick issues on the ferry from Woods Hole to MV, thanks to the choppy waves from the remains of a nor'easter.

*Admiring the Vineyard through the window of our cab, as our driver told tales of the Kennedy family on route to our hotel.

*Looking out the view from our hotel window: the roof. (We laughed over that one.) To which inspired Boy to make this remark, "Someday, I'll pay extra to get you the balcony."

*Being impressed by Edgartown and appreciating certain details such as herringbone brick pathways.

*Wandering through the streets for dinner that evening, and finding most places were still closed for the season--which leads to me to this: if you want to save some money and have a little solitude in Martha's Vineyard, go in the off-season. If you want to experience everything MV has to offer, you'll probably want to wait until July.

*The first of four nights that I felt a little out of place: no kids to feed, to put to bed...strange. (But, secretly enjoyed it--not gonna lie.)