Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello, New Year

In 2011, I nibbled on too many fresh-outta-the-oven sugar cookies and didn't have enough white grape bubbly to wash it all down.
Eve of 2012

In 2011, I let my eldest child watch too much TV. (Disclaimer: Cut me some slack for my adjustment to mothering two in a brand new city, and for a husband who practically lived at the hospital.) 
2010 January 017A

In 2011, even I watched too much TV. (See disclaimer above.) It's dangerous for a married woman to watch entire seasons of Psych alone. The Boy has admitted how ridiculous it is having to compete with Gus and Shawn. Consider myself charmed.
In 2011, I had my worst airplane experience to date. Then, when I didn't think that air travel couldn't get beyond the conditions of Outer Darkness, on my return flight, I simply made up my mind to never fly Southwest ever, ever, ever again. Not even their free bags fare will win me back.

In 2011, I made a really crappy butt-ugly birthday cake. Instead of admitting my failure at one of my most important duties as a mother, I instead tell myself that no bakery would ever hire my services.

In 2011, in a car with peeling paint that always made me feel safe when I drove through some parts of 'da hood', I drove over a pot hole that further improved its appearance.

In 2011, one of Boy's wildest dreams came true: we drove our Xterra on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indy 500.

In 2011, I started thinking about my only daughter's future. As hard as it is to put off my maternal wishes, I vow not to make her into a child bride.

In 2011, I couldn't have survived my year in Indiana without two very important ladies. They are missed.

In 2011,
  • I got my husband back---sort of. Although he still works some long hours, I can now easily remember what his face looks like.
  • We left our beloved Midwest and fell in love with New England.
  • Irene brought us a flood.
  • I was awarded my first speeding ticket in 6 years.
  • I felt like my backyard, on occasion, transformed into a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds
  • I witnessed the magic of Autumn as I had never seen before.   
  • I got pregnant. Then I got unpregnant. And it's okay.
  • I became a fan of Adele's raspy voice like everyone else.
  • I became a full supporter of real maple syrup.
  • I started to recognize that life without Target and Costco at my fingertips isn't the end of the world...but having Target around might prevent those Walmart trips from happening.
  • my world ended up getting a little smaller and a lot simpler.

And, in 2011, I was already 'in style' for 2012 without even trying. I knew that bangs were a good decision.

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I am an optimist and I'm getting the hint that 2012 and I are already on the right page. Making zero New Years' resolutions may be a part of that plan.