Thursday, January 5, 2012

Carpets du jour

The past few days, we've been hiding inside from the single digit bone-chilling weather. I would surmise that the weather lately has felt like a Nor'easter--but without all the snow. In fact, there is not an inch of snow here. We have only a dusting of what looks like powder sugar on our lawn.

So, Christmas this year came just in time to insulate and cheer up our bare floors. I now look forward to early mornings when I can swing my legs out of the bed and touch down onto warm wool with my toes. I'm a little late to join Club Chevron, but it'll be the first and the last time I do. (I plan not to go overboard with the latest trend in home decor.)


As we wait for the fun white stuff to cover our sledding hill behind our home, we try to get clever indoors. Hint: lots of Play Dough. To my advantage, my home has also been much more clean and I seem to be on top of folding laundry. Rock on.

So, here we are in January. Blah. And then on to Feb-Brrrrrr-uary. As New Englanders call it, winters here are 'wicked cold.' I think they're on to something. BUT--one thing I'm not missing this season are the bitter gusts of wind that have made the Midwest winters infamous.

I'm counting my blessings.