Friday, December 23, 2011

Everything is Merry

The 'warm fuzzies' as promised...

My Ten Pre-Christmas Faves of 2011:

1.  Even better than homemade sugar cookies is when somebody else makes them and brings them to your house. 
2.  Displaying our Christmas cards over my window makes me smile.
3.  I love our Christmas tree. And Hedwig. Like a nerd, I'm still waiting for my owl post.
4.  I got snagged into participating in a Christmas Boutique with a fine group of ladies. My contributions were homemade mug coasters and baby leg warmers. Hours spent creating this inventory is partly why blogging has been so pathetic lately.   

5.  Date night with Boy couldn't have been more eventful: the men congratulated themselves for their facial hair growing capabilities to honor Movember, I spent more than five minutes doing my hair, we he dared to try out the oysters--I think the shocker of the whole night was that we actually left the house without the children. We were home by 9:30 p.m. We party hard.
6. We've begun a new Christmas tradition with Percy the Elf. In case you were wondering, yes--Finner M'Gee named our new elf. And yes, the name is from one of his beloved trains from Thomas the Tank Engine.
7. Out here, I'm in a Trader Joe's drought. You know you've got a true friend when you get an unexpected package in the mail that contains a box of Peppermint Joe Joe's. Now, that's love. 
8.  She is one of my Christmas joys.
9.  And so is he.
10.  I love spending Christmas with this guy. He has lost his full head of hair, but doggonit, I love him. 


And Christmas isn't Christmas without the swaddled babe in the lowly manger. The King. The Son of God. The Promised Messiah. I especially love bedtime stories this time of year and hearing my two-year-old whisper reverently as he points to the picture, "That's baby Jesus." One day, he will know much more than that.

Merry Christmas.
Happy Hanukkah.
Happy Holidays.
Happy New Year.

It's should be snowing this weekend, which inspires me to find a copy of "White Christmas". Except, all I want to watch is the scene where the four of them are singing about snow and Christmas in Vermont.

"Snow! Snow! Snow! Snow!"