Monday, July 25, 2011

My Summer Is

...a slice of morning's white light cutting through my window blinds.
...humidity's soft mist slowly ascending to the sky.
...chilled homemade lemonade tart on my tongue.
...deep red raspberries awaiting for further eating.


...a fragrant marriage of fresh dill and olive oil sizzling over yellow summer squash.
...small toes and fingers examining its first sand. exchange of whimsical giggles between two little humans of mine.


...verdant forest canopies impervious of the sun's fire.
...thick heat wrapping around my sticky skin with its muggy blanket.
...a nakie little boy dozing off for an afternoon's nap in his mom and dad's bed.

July2011 476A

July2011 060
June2011 702 colors waving along a road of an American prophet's birthplace in Vermont. evening's whistle of wind hushing the day to end.
...a cacophony of frogs and crickets heard on the banks of the nearby Connecticut.

This is my summer--my first New England summer. Not to be forgotten.