Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heat Wave

There's a so-called heat wave up here in the Northeast. Temperatures are up in the (gasp!) 90s. If I listen hard, I can hear all my homies in Arizona--in their 100+ degree temps--laughing at my 5-day forecast.

  • Thursday: 94 with T-storms
  • Friday: 96 
  • Saturday: 93
  • Sunday: drops to 79 
  • Monday: 77 and rain showers

While the Midwest is no doubt cranking up even more heat and humidity, I have no reason to throw a hissy fit. Okay, so maybe a little? We have no A/C over here. Not many houses out here do because summers are supposed to be mild. Still, I know what summer in the Midwest feels like. It's agony. Living through seven of them (the summer of '03 was the mother of them all) was enough for me.

Even if I position myself directly in front of our electric fan, I still find no relief. My best discovery to beat the heat? Magnum.

Not him, silly. This Magnum.

Have you discovered Magnum ice cream bars yet? Check these babies out. Each box comes with three, and you'll want to eat them all. Double chocolate is my fave.

What's the next best thing? Each time I go to buy them, my grocery store provides me with a coupon for a dollar off. Hooray!

And the next best thing after that? No calories! By the time you finish licking the last taste of chocolate, you will have sweated those calories off.