Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Going out of my mind...

"...these days. Like I'm walkin' round in a haze. I can't think straight. I can't concentrate. And I need to shave."

For the most part, we are settled into our home, but I can't say things around here are completely unpacked. I'm infamous for hovering over a pile of boxes while staring at them for a good three minutes or longer. My brain and I have arguments over which box to start with, which room of the house I should drag it to, if I dare lift it (if it requires awkward lifting), and if I should set it aside and deal with it later. It's pathetic and I hate its anti-productivity.

Speaking about the need to shave: After an unspecified amount of days of being lazy, I finally shaved my legs. Now, there's productivity for you. Before you murmur, "Ewwww, gross" at me, at least I still have the dignity to shower every day--I'm not that disgusting.

"[He goes to work] and I look tired. The boss man said, 'Son you gonna get fired.' This ain't your style, and behind my coffee cup, I just smile."

Although it is a juggling act with two little ones needing constant attention and supervision during the day, I manage to accomplish some things that I set out to do for the day. Some days I don't. Some days I do. Isn't that the norm for everyone, anyway? Creating a haven in my home is certainly one of those things I try to keep on a daily basis. The tricky part is keeping it tidy and clean if you get my drift.

A few new favorite spots of our home...

I bought these glass figurine Amish children in Goshen, Indiana--Amish country. I want my baby girl to remember her home state when she plays with them one day.
I played around with the idea of soda bottles to display in the 1/4 bathroom on the main floor. I think I will add a few more unique ones over the years. What do you think...too trendy? Leave the soda in or out? (As for the one in the middle, the stuff is staying in there; it's a collector's item from Boy. He bought that Coke bottle at the NBA All-Star's game in SLC, Utah. That was 1993. Bottom's up.)
July2011 233
I have a story for you about these stairs. Another day.
July2011 226A
A view of a neighbor's home in the backyard. Our landlords planted the beautiful flowers--and already--they've been scorched by the hotter-than-normal summer sun that New England is getting this year.
July2011 222A
I love books. Is it noticeable? I love that I can put the Not for Tourists Guide to New York City right next to books of scripture and such.  Notice that I purchased this little black "bible" in 2006 when I planned to move out there. Then, bam! Boy and I started dating and was married in 2007. So long, New York. I still plan to keep it handy for a our NYC getaway that he has promised for me since then.

July2011 211A
Oh, Target. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. One downer to browsing blogs on the Internet is finding out that everyone including their dog has THIS PILLOW. The bedroom is a work in progress and it's a darn good thing everything is black and white. I love having flexibility. 
July2011 197A
Compared to the cabinets I've had during my college days, post-college days, and during my marriage, these ones are glorious. This kitchen makes me feel all grown up now. A breakfast island, wood floors, hanging lights, a big window over my kitchen sink. Glorious! I know how lucky I am as a renter. Really, I do. And I couldn't ask for better landlords either. They have been so very helpful to my family in countless ways.
June2011 780A
We finally buckled down to buy our first-ever high chair. How on earth did we ever survive without our own? It is a Stokke. I love the style, the longevity of use it has, and the color. What I don't love is the price. It better be worth it.
July2011 263A
Post-nap hair. Post-nap unfinished lunch. Post-nap dimpled boy.Yum to it all. 

That is the unofficial tour of our cozy Upper Valley home. I'm still unpacking, neatly organizing, and redoing rooms. Please come visit us or else all my work shall be in vain.

"What a beautiful mess, what a beautiful mess I'm in...there's nothing else I'd rather do." (italicized quotations written by Shane Minor and Sonny LeMaire.)