Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day of Liberty

chimerical /ki-MER-i-kuhl/, adjective:
  1. unreal, imaginary, visionary.
  2. wildly fanciful, highly unrealistic.
used in a sentence:
"To suppose that any form of government will secure liberty or happiness without any virtue in the people, is a chimerical idea."
--James Madison
(speech at the Virginia Convention, June 20, 1788, emphasis added)

Virtue is an attribute--if not the attribute--that built our nation. It is our moral compass. Every successful society should be measured by it. History has proved that without virtue in the people, civilizations slipped into a decay.

virtue /vir-choo/, noun:
  1. moral excellence; goodness; righteousness 
  2. conformity of one's life and conduct to moral and ethical principles; uprightness; rectitude.
I know of at least one ancestor of mine who fought in the Revolutionary War--the war that ended with the birth of this free nation. He was born right here in New Hampshire and I remembered him today as well as all other virtuous men and women who have contributed to the pursuit of freedom. 

Virtue is a principle I am trying to instill to my children. It requires constant vigilance, no doubt.

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Happy 4th of July.
God bless America.