Friday, June 15, 2012

Face Time

Quality one-one time with Miss Indy happens in little moments. As second born, she doesn't know any differently. Little does she know that when her older brother is off to preschool this Fall, I know she and I will be getting lots more than just those brief moments.

Man, she's a lot cuter than I was at this age. And her budding personality is as bright as the morning sun. I don't know how this vivacious little person came from someone as boring, serious, and dull as I am. Must come from her father.

The 'Aha!' Face.
Where's your tongue?
Can you show me what a puppy dog does?
The smirk. 
The scowl-turned-oh, no!-face.
Back to tongues...a bit obsessed with our tongues, aren't we?
My absolute favorite face of all--a tradition started by her brother--
the Monster Face.
 The words iPod and tongue were two of the first words in her vocabulary. Wow, I can't imagine why.