Sunday, March 25, 2012

turns what we have 
into Enough
--author unknown

Summer decided to leap frog over Spring this year.

The first day of Spring brought us a balmy sizzling 80 degrees. Weird. This confusing heat wave continued all week long. My kids, running barefoot on our brown matted down grass, wore bathing suits instead of what normally should have been snowsuits. Yet, all I could think of were our poor maple syrup farmers. No sugar-on-snow this year. Bummer.

The freckles on my nose are beginning to appear again--hello, sunshine! Mud season? What mud season?

My Indy girl, like a true Midwesterner, ain't buying this nonsense. She knows fickle sunshine when she sees it. If there's one thing about Spring that I don't miss, it's tornado season--and this year, it wasn't at all kind to this little girl's home state. So far, New England hasn't produced the extreme weather that I've been warned about.

For now, we're counting our (limited?) days of sunshine as days of outdoor fun. Pretty soon, April will surely give us lots of rain, mud, and all sorts of bugs and baby ticks. Can't wait.