Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Change of Heart?

To the most Ridiculous Holiday of the year,

I made heart-shaped pancakes for my kids this morning. They would have been just as thrilled with circle-shaped pancakes, but because I made them into hearts and didn't serve them Cheerios again, I'M A PRETTY GOOD MOM.

For the first time in my adult life, I felt okay with the lovey dovey-ness of your day.
     One of St. Valentine's cupids left some gifts on our doorstep today.
     I have a red paper heart garland draped over my window, but that's it.
     My wee ones and I are going to roll out little heart-shaped sugar cookies as soon as they are up from naps.

The little Grinch heart inside of my chest has grown two sizes since February 14th, last year.

Still, I am not convinced of your marriage of red and pink, nor am I going to adopt any stuffed monkeys hugging a satin red heart that nauseously says, "I'm bananas over you". Don't creep me out more than you already do.


A Change of Heart

p.s. On second thought, for those nights when Boy is on call and I'm lonely without him, I wouldn't mind being wrapped up in the arms of a giant Vermont Teddy Bear.