Friday, September 23, 2011

And So It Begins

I was born in the wrong month. March.
The wrong season. Spring.
The wrong climate. A desert town in Southern Utah.
The idea of my perfect future wedding revolved around three worthy months: September, October, and November. When did the actual wedding take place? August. Curse you, medical school.

I think I've made myself clear that I love Fall. Reread: Fall in a climate where the air begins to bite. My enthusiasm for this season is borderline eccentric--so much that I am already hunting for canned pumpkin in the grocery aisles and making a meticulous inventory of scarves inside my closet the very moment I see the first leaf tinged of a flaming color. With it being the first official day of Fall, how many gallons of apple cider have I already consumed? Three--with some help. We are all chugging down this stuff as if it were breathing air.


In the past, I've expressed my love for autumn time by listing a few of my favorite things. Instead of raindrops on roses, I love a vibrant color palette of leaves. Instead of whiskers on kittens, I love the softness of freshly laundered flannel pillowcases. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens--now that's talkin' my language. I'm impelled to chop and bleach my hair, prance atop my bed with the von Trapp kids, and drape myself with curtains in a true Julie Andrews fashion. About the von Trapp's--did you know that the famous singing family settled in Stowe, Vermont after escaping Austria? An hour and a half away! There is a family-owned resort lodge there in case some of you would like to come zip on by.

Here in New England--the mecca of autumnal glory, I think my life is complete. Call it destiny, good fortune, meant to be, God-willed, or some other force of nature; New England and I were made for each other. While I've had perfectly memorable Fall seasons in Utah, Ohio, and Indiana, I think the best has been saved for last. It's true and it's nothing to be smug about. Try googling "fall colors," and you'll see that one of the top related searches is "fall colors new england." I don't know of any other region that bases their state economy on leaf-peeping tourism. I'm puffing up with pride already. So, shoot me.

Today kicks off my first New England Fall...bring on the crowds and the tour buses. I am ready.

Let it begin.